Webinar is nothing more than a combination of two words that are fundamental part of education nowadays: „web“ and „seminar“.

Webinar can be considered as an online workshop or lecture. Although it is mostly used in business, it’s educational purpose is growing more and more.

Webinar or hosted online lecture is much more cheaper than lecture held in classroom but it may also seem easier.

How to conduct webinar for an online group?

Make sure you have the right time suitable for everyone
If you wish all your students to participate in your webinar, make sure it is at a suitable time for everyone and keep in mind their time zone. In this busy world it might be very challenging to gather a group of people and have their time online only for you, especially if it is during very early, very late or business hours.

Have clear guidelines
Make sure your participants know the length of webinar before it starts. In order to keep focus for a short time you will have online with your students, write your self guidelines and stay focused not to loose time.

Set a topic related to the course you tech
Make sure you are ore than familiar with a topic you teach on webinar as your audience wants to see you as an expert.

Make sure to engage your students
Your students want to have a feeling o fan added value after leaving your webinar. Make sure they get it and get them involved into the topic. Give them the opportunity to ask questions and try to clarify every misunderstanding.

What are the pros and cons?

Webinars give your students wanted flexibility to access the learning material when and where they want. Students also have the possibility to get relevant information and ask questions which is the easier way of learning then just reading a book or presentation.

It is also cheaper and easier to watch it from your own home then to travel to the campus.

When it comes to disadvantages, technical problems could be of a big issue. Note that not everyone lives in a city with a great internet connection. You might have students with slower connection, different operating systems etc. Which can definitely decrease the quality of your webinar.

Most of the students will participate on your webinar from their own home so keep in mind they can not always ensure quiet environment and therefore there might be a lot of distractions.

Read more about advantages and disadvantages as well as about webinar hosting websites.





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