As a microblogging tool, Twitter gives you opportunity to send and receive tweets. Tweets are short posts, usually up to 140 characters but can also include some relevant links.

In order to see what others are tweeting, you should follow them which gives you opportunity to follow people of companies with the same or similar interests.

As you have the opportunity to follow someone, you have the same opportunity to unfollow someone and then you won’t see their tweets anymore.

Get in touch with your students and their parents

The use of #hashtags is the easiest way to connect and share your thoughts, but also to choose discussions you are interested in. #stuvoice is one of very useful hashtags. It can help you to follow the students and read about their opinion on relevant topics.

Twitter is also a great way to meet different learning objectives and increase student’s engagement.

It helps empowering learning materials e.g. posting relevant link about a specific conference.

Twitter can also help you to share important information with parents as sometimes students are not reliable on passing the information. Teachers can also tweet about a specific dates (assignment, test) and the information will be reachable both for students and parents.

How to use Twitter in education?

More and more teachers are joining growing Twitter community which help them to solve educational problems. If you are still not whether to use Twitter while teaching or learning, this examples might convince you:

Learning communities
Twitter gives us opportunity to set up a learning community in order to share learning processes with public. Not only like this you can share your experience, but you can also enrich it with finding about other’s learning processes.

Growing student engagement
Students can easily get bored and Twitter is a great way of how students can communicate about the learning topics in a more exciting way

Promote learning
Tweet about what is something new you have learned today. That will empower your students learning is interesting and soon they will tweet about new learned content too and they will feel more confident in commenting about learned topics.

Involve students in important events
Not everyone can afford going to a conference, and here comes Twitter. Tweet about interesting part of a conference and ask your students to comment it. Like that everyone will have the feeling like they participated in the conference.

Unfortunately, Twitter can’t have only good sides

Although Twitter is a microblogging service, some users think limited number of characters is just not enough. Some people have a real struggle expressing their opinion in such a restricted way.

Moreover, as Twitter is showing the latest posts and new tweets are coming so fast, your learners could easily miss your tweet. As you can not post a lot of pictures on Twitter and as it is mostly for text, you just need to use some other social media which could be distracting for your students.

Twitter just doesn’t have to feature to review your whole online discussion, so if it happens that you want or need to review it, unfortunately you can forget about it.

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