When someone mentions YouTube, most of us will think of fun and entertainment, but that’s not always the case. YouTube is becoming a part of digital revolution in education and students are often using it to learn new things.

YouTube is an online platform for sharing and watching videos. It allows users to rate and comment videos as well as subscribe to other users. Even if you don’t use YouTube while teaching, your students will spend a significant amount of time on it for fun, so better start using it as it will help you connect with your students.

This examples of good practice can help you start using YouTube while teaching:

Make your lessons become innovative with YouTube
Find good and relevant videos connected to your topic and organise discussion after watching it. Students will find it more interesting then only reading by themselves and they will engage more.

Educate yourself
Check for the videos that can help you empower your skills. There are numerous videos about teaching and using technology in classroom.

Plan YouTube lessons and assigned tasks
You don’t have to play videos in class always, you can also assign it as a homework. Ask your students to watch the video and write an essay about what they have seen.

Become a YouTuber
If you want to engage your students even more, start your own channel. Being a teacher on YouTube, you will make your students spend time on your channel not only on channels for fun.

What can go wrong?

YouTube can be used for free and that’s the reason you can often see advertisements which can be of a huge distraction. When searching for a video, you get tons of suggestions for other videos, so there is a huge possibility your students will want to watch more then one video which can end up watching videos for hours.

Some of the commercials aren’t alway appropriate with the content you wanted them to see as well as some video content might not be appropriate for all age groups. Make sure their parents know about your YouTube lessons, it will be easier to control student’s time spent on YouTube. Even it may take some time, make sure you are showing relevant video to your students as you don’t want them to learn from unreliable sources.

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